Regions matter and the drive to be competitive means being business friendly, having a healthy, skilful and productive workforce and an infrastructure and capacity to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth


1. England - the midlands: Humber; Mersey; Tyne Tees and the inland Doncaster/Wakefield -Durham University, Hull University and schools

2. Baltics - discussions opening across a range of sectors.

3. Great Lakes and St Lawrence seaway - northern US and Canada - largely untapped potential as trading partners across a range of sectors.

4. Latin America & US southwest - multimodal trading potential using rail to/ from Great Lakes & out/ in bound across the atlantic

5. South AmericaRegions across the Pacific Alliance are firming up across the americas and asia

6. Ghana - circular value chain between the midlands and ghana.  using old slave routes along the volta corridor.

7. India - Chennai and second tier cities keey to work with the ggf across a range of sectors.

8. China - discussions are opening up with inland and northern provinces.