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With Brexit in the UK, Xenophobia elsewhere and an uncertain global landscape, businesses face challenging times as they seek viable business opportunities and sustainable growth. The Global Gateways Federation (GGF) is a services network linking multiple Regions and stakeholders with economic development interests to a common platform for services identifying and supporting business opportunities.

The membership

A web based membership network offering:

·       relevant information and insights (Reports feature)

·       capacity building and market access support

·       supply chain opportunities

·       forum to explore innovation on manufacturing and trade flows.

·       Seeking to level the global trade playing field, GGF specialises in emerging regions and SMEs.

·       Works with other established national and international Federations as needed.

On line Conferences and Webinars

Accessible on line 24/7 this series will address relevant issues affecting global trading from trade treaties; commercial law; supply chain partnerships and specific challenges of common interest as they emerge.

·       Makes specialist insight accessible as needed and without high travelling and participation expenses.

Impact research

A platform encouraging and facilitating a research focus on cross border challenges, constraints and solutions.

·       Targets and enables research with clear ROI.