Global Gateways is all about sustainable growth and opportunity across the corridor from Liverpool to Hull. It links with all the great cities and towns that once were motors of Britain’s industrial revolution and which now need to re-discover that innovative zeal and drive to be world beaters so attractive to global investors and vital to creating the jobs that will give purpose and spending power to our Northern communities.

Building from a number of projects over the past few years such as Will Alsop’s Super City; Lord Prescott’s Northern Gateway and now Lord Heseltine’s No Stone Unturned Report this Forum opens the debate and seeks to establish the momentum to deliver a viable business case for a renewed focus on the potential on and around the Global Gateways of major ports, core cities and local communities.

Highlights from the forum.

Here are comments from some of the speakers:

Lord Prescott

Rod Stout, Director – Business Modelling Associates

 Lee Strafford – Chairman, dotforge

Kishor Tailor – Chief Executive, Humber LEP

Katherine Pygott – Associate Director, Arup