It's all about Sustainable Cities!  Many Regions share the challenge of dealing with legacy industries and underinvestment.   How we live is integral to the success of where we live.  That means education, jobs, leisure activity, the arts, restaurants, green spaces.  That means effective supply and value chains.  That means an effective and flexible master plan!


The GGF seeks to grow a networking platform of like-minded Regions. Within each Region, individual communities are evolving as innovation districts combining work, living space, cultural activities and leisure facilities. No longer are commercial districts remote or residential districts segregated fortresses.

Cities are re-defining themselves around innovation districts. Places like Doncaster in the post-industrial North are reducing retail space in the city centre and opening up learning quarters based around skills development and culture. Places like Cleveland, Ohio are building momentum around Healthcare. Hull is developing as a hub for the UKs Energy Estuary and is redefining itself through UK City of Culture status, 2017.