Annual Forum:

  • 2015. Doncaster will host North 2050, a focus on Logistics. Co hosted by Doncaster and Wakefield this Forum move beyond core cities and places to focus North based and international connectivity as well as being fit for purpose in 2050.
  • 2014. With the Northern Powerhouse and an Election to distract attention, traffic on things North heated up! The GGF Forum was postponed but Rob Bell continued to challenge a sudden obsession with governance, boundaries and core cities. At seminars and talks in Durham; Grimsby; Hull; Leeds; Newcastle; Sheffield; Wakefield and York Rob highlighted the need to bake a bigger cake through better connectivity and overseas trade. Otherwise, multiple trips to Peru and the Pacific Alliance; Great Lakes & St Lawrence Seaways; Norway; Poland and the Baltics, Ghana & Kurdistan by NGI advocates have helped pave the way for the launch of the Global Gateways Federation. See: in 2015.
  • 2013. The inaugural Global Gateways Forum at the Hull Freedom Centre on 29th November, sought to trigger and progress the debate across the corridor and beyond. This Forum will generate ideas and provide a platform to focus viable options on different levels from infrastructure and energy; industrial sectors and SMEs to know-how and skills.

    Feedback on the conference can be found by clicking here.

  • Details to follow.

The Forum is designed as a focus on ideas and actions. The outputs will include:

Base Case and Position Paper:

  • We believe that GGF opened up the debate on the Northern Agenda now focussed around the Northern Powerhouse. The Global Gateways Federation views itself as compatible with the Northern Powerhouse leaving governance and boundaries to others. Our focus is on economic development, capacity building and trade.

    We remain committed to being part of creating a Pan Northern agenda.

    A well researched, fully costed and robust Business Case for the North with the full backing of stakeholders is needed.

    There is a need for a guideline vision for 2050 and a drive to create the investment and enabling map to get there. Global Gateways argues that this is needed now. Devolved powers is a great idea but if this leads to a fragmentation of resource we may find ourselves in a worse state than we started! The business case needs to be fired by innovative thinking. As Einstein once said: to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result is a form of madness. And this does not mean a focus on governance and boundaries. We need to rise above this and see the global picture.

Enabling initiatives:

  • See Projects

Global Gateways network – UK: The centripetal nature of European economies and a focus on the Capital cities has evolved over centuries. It is time to redress the balance and consider second and third tier cities as well as the connectivity and synergies between cities. Single purpose towns have been replaced as many products source components from multiple locations – an iPad is “made” in 40 countries and multiple regions within them.

  • Global Gateways Initiative has opened significant dialogue with: trade groups across the UK and beyond with the Pacific Alliance; the Great Lakes & St Lawrence Seaways; Poland & the Baltics; Ghana; India and others are in the pipeline.

Global Gateways Federation: The thinking behind Global Gateways has been informed by a number of seminal concepts and reports across wide ranging disciplines from regional branding and geography to infrastructure and the built environment to knowledge and skills.

BRICs; MINTs; all such National groupings are yesterday’s story. Sustainable communities; City regions; Cross border networks are driving the agenda.

Internationally, Global Gateways is influenced by thinking on trade corridors world wide from the Regional Policies of China; the Golden Quadrilateral model in India to the multiple trade corridors across Africa.

  • Global Gateways seeks to explore thinking on trade corridors world wide and develop a network of global know-how and expertise. Digital connectivity will enable this accelerator for regional development.