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In 2050, the Earth will have 10 Billion people (7.5 billion now), 75% of them living in urban areas (~50% now) and with 50 city regions generating 65% of the GDP.

GGF is an International network of economic development agencies, research centres, trade and logistics services' provider working together to facilitate cross-regional business development opportunities.

Chair:  Jayson Myers, Economic Development

CEO:   Robert J Bell, International Logistics and Program Development

Secretary:  Dominic Ward, Andrew Jackson Solicitors LLP, Maritime and Commercial law expert.

Academic Lead:  Professor Kiran Fernandes, Associate Dean for Internationalisation, Durham University Business School

Regional Directors:

Hugh Marcy, PE (Washington DC and London), Training and Development

David Silk Esq, Emeritus Chairman of British American Chamber (Cleveland, Ohio), International Business Development.